RES Baltic Group

RES Baltic Groupis a team of experienced and qualified engineers, developers, technicians, analysts, specialists in electricity trading and corporate finances, lawyers and specialists in environmental protection, who have professional knowledge connected with power engineering, project development, construction, energy market regulation, project management and project development for photovoltaic and wind farms.

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Our offer

In its group, the Company has a design office which establishes construction and electrical designs, as well as an office which prepares the environmental documentation.

RES Baltic Groupprovides services connected with management and development of projects in the area of wind and solar power including:

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Energia Przykona

In 2020, as a portfolio company of RES Baltic Group, Energia Przykona carried out a project of a photovoltaic power plant with a total power of 600 MW in Greater Poland Province (Projekt Przykona). It is the first such a big installation in Central Europe and one of the biggest ones on the old continent. The investment will provide 600 MW of generative power, which means production of electrical energy at the level of 630 GWh a year. The construction is planned to take place in the area of Greater Poland, on the land degraded by mining activity. The purpose of the whole investment will be to provide about 3% of energy created by RES in Poland. Due to the generative capacity and the possibility to effectively produce energy during summer, the complex will be very important for the efficiency of the electrical system in the period of higher demand for electricity.